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25-Jan-2018 | ICT and Media

Artificial Intelligence, Wallet Flexibility Are The Drivers Of The E-Commerce Market In India

Indian e-commerce market is expected is surfing on the waves that are rapidly growing and leaving the shores in flourishing conditions.

24-Aug-2016 | ICT and Media

Android 7.0 Nougat released by Google

Google has released Android 7.0, codenamed Nougat.

The new version of its mobile operating system allows two apps to be run on the same screen at once, and makes it possible for devices to handle more complex 3D graphics.
For now, only Nexus-branded handsets and tablets can get the update.

25-Jul-2016 | ICT and Media

Smart watch and its impact

Smart watch is a computerized wristwatch that goes beyond the task of timekeeping. Now it has all the basic features of mobile and computers like keeping the data, phonebook, Wi-Fi, message, audio player, GPs and many more. It has in short become a wristwatch computer.

19-Jul-2016 | ICT and Media

On second anniversary of Xiaomi offer Huge discounts on Mi 5, Mi 4i and other accessories

Xiaomi India has announced today on the auspicious occasion of its second anniversary new offer for its Mi 5, Mi 4 smartphones, Mi power bank and Mi in-ear headphones.

19-Jul-2016 | ICT and Media

Future of mobiles lies in the developing world

Developing countries in Asian and African region like India or  China or south Africa are still demanding more mobile phones as the saturation point is yet to hit in that region. Population of the region is yet not fully introduced to the mobile technology and there are still people who are deprive of it.