3D-Printed House to Upsurge The 3D Printing Market

Posted on: Mar-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Isn’t it a dream of every individual to have a house? Imagine having your dream home built in just about 24 Hours. Won’t you be spell bound to see your dream come true? Thus, for turning your dream into a reality, a team of researchers at the tech company Apis Cor have come up with the very idea of using a mobile 3D printing technology to build your beloved structure. The technology helps the researchers not only built the partitions and the walls but also built the full connected structure that a house requires. The house built was a 400-square-foot size curved structure with the hall, bedrooms, and interiors similar to a normal residential house. The rest of the interior other than the outline structure was completed by a group of contractors. Samsung collaborated with Apis Cor to help demonstrate its technology and also provided the electronics to help complete the interiors. ‘Can the technology help the 3D printing market reach the skies?’ is something only the future can tell.

Increasing expenditure and demands among the masses:

Looking at the increasing global population as well as the rising prices in the construction industry, the researchers have thought developing an economical entity. The complete construction of the house cost about $11,000 out of which only $10,134 is the construction cost whereas the rest is the other interior costs. Though the calculation of the expenditure in every aspect between the normal house and a 3D-printed house is difficult, the 3D-printed house seems to be a better option with no doubt.

Aspiration for technological advancements:

The demand of the people for a technology-enabled environment in order to make life easier has led to the development of various advanced technological devices. The increasing demand and the researcher’s dedication to meet the demands have transformed the whole technology industry.

A 3D-printed home can help you save some cash and can give you the same feeling a normal house can. Thus, 3D printing market can help make the world a better place to live in.