UK Parliament Took A Rare Procedure To Seize Documents Of Facebook

Posted on: Dec-2018 | Others

The Parliament of the United Kingdom has used a very rare procedure to force an app developer to conceal numerous internal documents of the Facebook that is related to the decision making the procedure of the company following the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, as per the Guardian. As per reports, the documents have huge revelations regarding the choices that have created a foundation of Cambridge Analytica scandal.

As per the paper MP Damian Collins, the chairperson of culture, sport select committee, and media division of the parliament took an action following to the repeated refusal by the officials of the company to make Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, to testify in person in front of the body about the scandal. Recently in October, the regulators of the UK have fined an amount of £500K on the company, which is going to be an appeal by the company.

The officials of the UK Parliament has used a procedure to subpoena founder of Six4Three, defunct app developer that are in the process of filing an appeal against Facebook, with the allegations that the company has used various range of methods to gather data regarding the user, which includes location data and text messages with misinformed data and privacy controls.

However, over this the Facebook said that the claims and allegations had no background; it has utilized the California laws to protect court documents. As the founder of the Six4Three app reached London, Parliamentary officials started seizing the documents and escorting a Parliamentary Serjeant at Arms to the hotel with an order to bring the documents. In case he failed to act so, he then escorted back to Parliament and notified that he will be at the risk of hefty fines as well as jail time, in case he denied to hand over the documents.

A lot is happening around all these, we are waiting for more actionable updates on it.