A New Sensor Platform Opens Up Diverse Doors For Smart Medical Devices Market

Posted on: Feb-2019 | Medical & Health

Recently, a group of researchers from the University of Bath and Northwestern University has produced the latest type of sensor platform with an array of gold nanoparticles. The sensors are believed to have a vital role to play in the field of smart medical devices market in order to help make sensitivity related tasks simpler as well as quicker for the medical staff.

The sensor made using gold disk-styled nanoparticles on a glass slide was checked using an infrared laser that brought about specific arrangements of electrons as well as led to the unusual emission of UV light. This mechanism of UV light generation can help to sense even tiny pieces of materials. Thus, the smart medical device if integrated with these new ultra-sensitive sensors can help boon the medical diagnostics in the future along with other applications like air pollution detection and so on. Dr. Ventsislav Valev and his team’s research can help make an early diagnosis of the diseases using these unique sensors sensing even the measly particles. The alterations in the medical devices can help save a lot of lives as well as make an early analysis of the conditions before any further consequences follow up in connection to the disease.  This new detection mechanism has a great potential in the field of science owing to its 100% sensitivity in comparison to the existing methods.

The molecules binding to the gold nanoparticle coated surface changes the electrons arrangement and UV light emission leading to the accuracy in identifying the molecule type. In the medical field, the identification of the biological markers for the early screening of diseases like cancer can be made possible using this technique. This new sensing mechanism can bring about a positive change in the smart medical devices for human assistance in the near future.