Acquirement of Structured Polymers By Evonik To Bring New Opportunities In 3D Printing Materials Market

Posted on: Feb-2019 | Machinery & Equipments

Evonik has procured a tech startup based in the United States for 3D printing materials: Structured Polymers Inc. A conforming agreement and plot of the merger were accomplished and the deal has been sealed recently. The procurement will offer access to Evonik to the new patented technology that will enable the firm to extend its range of specialty polymer powders within the additive manufacturing market. The company will be completely combined into North American organization of Evonik, while its head office will stay in Austin, Texas.

Structured Polymers Inc.’s CEO, Vikram Devarajan, said, “We’re very delighted to harness Evonik’s power to spread out our innovative tech platform even more. In the coming period, this will enable us to expand the 3D printing materials market to a noteworthy extent and to function with our consumers on building new business opportunities.”

Already Evonik had placed the grounds for the procurement of the tech startup in the 2017 fall via a venture capital investment. The innovative technology of Structured Polymers begins with a polymer granulate that is transformed into a fine powder through a number of procedure stages. This makes it likely to generate polymer powders with organized particle sizes spanning between 0.1 and 400 µmin diameter while attaining outstanding material properties.

The new technology enables us to take almost any semi-crystalline thermoplastic, like polyether ketone, polyamide 6, or polybutylene terephthalate, or polymer powders with specific properties such as conductivity, flame protection, or color, and create them for ordinary powder-based 3D printing techniques, like high-speed sintering, selective laser sintering, or multi-jet fusion.

Furthermore, the 3D printing market is flourishing with growth rates of double-digit. Evonik, within this market, is the leading manufacturer in the world of polyamide (PA) 12 powders that have been utilized for more than 20 years in additive production technologies.