Adidas’s new 3D-Printed Sneaker Is Set to Sweep The Footwear Industry Off Its Feet

Posted on: May-2017 | Consumer Goods

Looking at the growing fashion craze among the public, the launch of newly designed shoes in the market doesn’t seem surprising. But, don’t you think the use of 3D printing technology in the footwear industry is astounding? Adidas, one of the German multinational firm, has launched a new sneaker designed using a 3D-printed sole. The footwear named “Futurecraft 4D” was launched on April 7, 2017. The launch of this product marks as an answer to its rivals Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour. The 3D printing technology is a newly followed technique to build a number of items such as houses, artificial organs, plants, chips, and more. The company has its eyes set on the newly launched shoe as it plans to produce it on a large scale next year. The use of 3D printing technology is set to make some buzz in the global footwear industry. There are various reasons for the 3D market to flourish in this generation.

Aspiration for want of more modernized products:

Speaking of urbanization, the technology has spread its wings in all the directions. The footwear industry which is one of the most bombarding markets today will reach the sky after the mass-production of the new design. The need for customized or trendy designs or patterns among the public has urged the researchers to use 3D printing technology to help build new designs that too at a faster pace that is within 20 minutes or half an hour and at an economical price. These bonanza factors are set to influence the footwear industry throughout the globe.

Creative outlook of Adidas:

Adidas plans to partner with Silicon Valley a startup of Carbon and use the carbon technology to produce the shoes at a faster rate and on a larger scale. The German firm plans to cross its 5000 sales of this year to about 100,000 the next year. The carbon technology helps build the sole using plastic powder and without any injection mold error. With the use of this technology Adidas wants to change its new design cut time from 12–18 months to about a month. The company plans to use the new sneakers to mark a milestone in the footwear industry.

So, guys let’s get going to check on the new 3D-printed sole sneakers in the market.