Brazilian lawmakers has decide future of accusation planner

Posted on: Sep-2016 | Others

RIO DE JANEIRO: On Monday, in debate of the Brazil's member of the lower house of Congress, that night is best friend of the President Michel Temer he should be exposed his legislative seat among charge of corruption and hindrance of justice.

Until the claim arose, Eduardo Cunha was a Chamber of Deputies' speaker a main person behind the accusation process has detached the left partiality of Dilma Rousseff from Brazil's presidency last month.

Cunha was expecting to conclude session with vote but it will be possible only early hours of Tuesday.

Cunha was charged by the Brazilian prosecutors for getting millions dollars as bribe which is in associated with extensive corruption scandal at state-run oil giant Petrobras, but fellow lawmakers were busy in deciding whether he lied about having secret banking accounts in Switzerland. Cunha has told about the accounts belong to a trust.
If Cunha found guilty he may lose his partial protection from prosecution. Brazil’s top court will think to charge and try federal lawmakers.

Cunha serve its fourth term of a lawmaker and said to his supporter that Rousseff impeachment attempt to reason to drive to remove him.

Cunha said, “It is because of I have start the impeachment actions and The Worker's party is asking for trophy to say it as a coup,” he added, “The unlawful of government has removed thank to me.”

Carlos Marun was sitting beside Cunha during session; he is one of the most powerful politicians in Brazil.

During evening all lawmakers were approving to remove Chnha from office.