Buy The Selfie-Focussed Smartphone In Online At Retail Price

Posted on: Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

The Xperia C4 is available with dual or a Single SIM card and the Android handset have acted-core processor of 64 bits and the 5.5 display so the imaging capabilities is well good, even the company hopes to sell the Smartphone to most of the people, whereas the price of Smartphone is Rs 29,490 and it comes along with the rear camera of 13 MP and front camera 5 MP. The Xperia C4 will boost the front camera along with the wide angle of the lens this used to take the group selfies but the 13 MP camera give the option of automatic support and auto  focus for the High Dynamic Range (HDR). This both camera come with the sensor calls Exmor R and dedicated flash. People can also give the commands in order to click the group selfies even you can add admirations by clicking selfies and many more.
In Xperia C4 there are many features like Style Portraits and it includes of mystery and vampire in order to add fun elements to the selfies since some features are there and it's called as AR Mask this will incorporate the themes also it let people to easily give the selfie by placing the numerous face of the own face. The Xperia C4 consists of Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 and Android 5.0 Lollipop so it provides both 3G and 4G. Moreover, this model also comes with the battery 2,600mAh.  Last week company Sony informed that model Xperia C4 will reach the market soon and today its rollout for the SIM iteration. The C4 Dual is now available in online for purchasing the latest model from the sub continent. The retail price of Xperia C4 is INR 29,490 and this amounts to about €408 or 460 at exchange rates. This phone also bought in mint color, black and white color versions. Even the phablet's specs are probably going to pretty sell mainly for people who are care about the LED flash. When people take away the Xperia C4 model then OnePlus is cheaper. The Xperia C4 has different designs and it sleek wonderful cut edge technology. You can book this model  through online because all the facilities are done by Sony Company this good for people to book Smartphone at convenient.