Can the legally blind’s eyes “Sharp Vision” fuel the global machine vision market

Posted on: Mar-2017 | Machinery & Equipments

ESight, an eyeglass company, has come up with a new technology that is a headset which can prove to be beneficial for the legally blind. The new version “Sharp Vision” is inspired created seeing the character Geordi La Forge from “Star Trek”. The new version has a camera in the front which creates images of the surrounding and with the help of image recognition software and automated voice tell the wearer what he is looking at. Isn’t it a cool technology which can help the blind overcome their disability? The high-tech glasses are expected to surge the Global machine vision market.

Aspiration of the blind people to see and live normal:

The rising number of blind across the globe has resulted in the increasing demand for the high-tech glasses. The new version “Sharp Vision” provides a vision for about millions with a visual acuity of 20/70 to 20/1200. The image is 24 times magnified compared to the earlier version which puts it on the front run. The hand control for adjusting the brightness and contrast makes the glass all the more comfortable for use. These all mind-blowing features of the glasses are for sure going to boom the machine vision market.

Factors expected to hinder the high-tech glasses sales:

Though the glasses are high tech, but its price can get your eyeballs to actually pop out. The device can be used only when in the stationary situation that is either standing or sitting before capturing the surrounding images. These factors are expected to hinder the sales of the high-tech glass as well as the global machine vision market growth.

Can this assistive technology flourish? Only the future can tell!!!