Free Tips On Organic, Chemical-Free Gardening

Posted on: Aug-2015 | Chemicals & Materials

So it is good to use the organic chemical for the crops. Though it is highly induced to the farmers some of them are not using the organic chemicals. So better we can implement in the self garden. Some of the guidelines are given below to make the organic chemical free garden.
The steps for using organic chemicals:
Choose the right plant: Select the correct plant which suits for the place. The temperature, rain condition, humidity can be kept control inside the house, but it is not possible in the garden. So by selecting the correct plant you can save the fertilizer and water. Find the common plant from your surroundings and grow them in the garden. The wildflowers are very beautiful and they are left out without any care. Pick these kinds of plants and grow it in the garden.
Plant natural repelling plants: By using natural repelling plants we can avoid the usage of pests. Some of the plants have naturally poisonous feature so it is helpful for keeping away the plant from this pest. So these kinds of plants are kept around the garden for safety. Apart from planting the natural repellent plants we can spray them on the plants to keep them away from harming. There are many herbs such as vanilla; pepper and lavender keep the plants from the insects.
Remove weeds: The weeds in the garden should be removed without using the chemicals. The old way of removing the weeds is the best method. It can be done during the free times. It is important to remove the weeds so that it helps the seeds to penetrate the ground for growing. Some of the weeds are used for eating.
Crop rotation: The crop rotation method is one of the way for creating the naturally fertilize plants. Every year the cultivation of the crop should be changed. Plants use various nutrients and again by growing different crops the nutrient is used by other plant. These organic, free gardens reduce the use of more water and the garden will be chemical free. This type of chemical free garden should be implemented in schools, colleges and houses because it will protect the environment from chemicals.