Globalization is a mirror of tomorrow

Posted on: Sep-2016 | Others

Globalization is a concept arises from international integration due to exchange of culture, view, ideas, trade. Human societies have maintained global contacts for many centuries. Global incorporation has been change drastically recently. Unmatched development in technology, telecommunication, transportation have never done before made the world interdependent than ever.

Advancement in transportation and telecommunications are the major factors of the globalization these creates interdependency of economies and cultural activities. Many scholars have put origin for globalization, start of globalization from late 19th century and early 20th century which has make interdependent of economies and culture. Many MNC products have reached to the corner of the world, raw material, money, and technology reached faster to the national borders.

The globalization is not only bound to culture, ideas but also politics, law and economics. The concept of the globalization is very modern. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) globalization means the dissemination of knowledge, trade and transactions, migration and movement of people and capital and investment movements. It also includes restraints like cross border air and water pollution, global warming, overfishing of the ocean.

Globalization brings world together to fight against common interest of cooperation, shape alternate futures, solidarity and respect for our common planetary environment.