Hackers Breaking into Security Layer of Wi-Fi Router to Boost Online Security Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Attackers have allegedly discovered a method to break the encryption protocol of WPA2 that is broadly utilized to defend Wi-Fi routers from being hacked. As cited by Krackattacks website, the Wi-Fi router of the victim can be leveraged using KRACKs or key reinstallation attacks. To carry out KRACKs the attacker requires being inside the physical range of the Wi-Fi router. This jeopardy to the Wi-Fi network, on the other hand, has provided a boost to the global online security market. Let us have a look at the other factors impacting the global online security market.

The incidence of identity theft as well as cyber attacks is increasing day by day. This results in the loss of privacy as well as private and sensitive data. Prevention of this loss of privacy as well as private and sensitive data is the main reason that is boosting the global online security market. In addition to this, the rising digitalization has forced the people make more and more online transactions. Making online transaction is a complex method that requires more safety and security. Any minute failure while conducting these transactions may result in the loss of millions. Hence, in order to maintain safety and security while making online transactions online security solutions are employed, which bolsters the global online security market.

Adding more to the list, today’s youth utilizes most of the Internet. If proper attention is not given, it may lead to different consequences such as online child sexual abuse. In order to avoid this, parents should not only have a watch on their child but also utilize online security solutions. This employment of online security solutions is also one of the major reasons that can be held responsible for powering the growth of the global online security market.

In contrast to this, the main reason that restrains the growth of the global online security market is the lack of awareness about the advantages of these online security solutions.

For now, the only concern that the world is having in front of it is how to tackle the problem of breaching of Wi-Fi routers.