Implementation of Food Processing Standards to Spur Automated Food Sorting Machines Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | Machinery & Equipments

The food industry is the ancient industry that has undergone numerous revolutions such as White Revolution, Green Revolution, and Pink Revolution. Based on the kind of food products produced, there have been many transformations in the food processing methods perceived in the industry. Nonetheless, the advent of automation is altering the aging industry by incorporating new techniques and methods.

Automated food sorting machines are used for certifying inspection, sorting, and quality control applications in production and operations lines. This equipment helps in sorting by size, color, density, and shape of the food products. The machines include free fall sorter, belt sorter, automated defect removal system, gravity separator, and other sorting machines (pushers and tilt-tray). These machines are utilized for a wide range of food products such as vegetables, fruits, seafood/fish, grains, and meat. Few of the prominent factors fueling the growth of the automated food sorting machines market are detailed below.

Increasing requirement for food products and smaller delivery cycle

An increase in diverse food products and transformation in eating habits has been witnessed with the enhancing economy. To serve the rising need for food, there is a need to decrease the process and delivery time by the industry. This can be attained by plummeting the cycle time of the process and employment of automated machines.

Application of automated machines has extremely decreased the process time and amplified the quality of manufactured food products. The need for numerous food products such as fruits & vegetables, dairy, meat & seafood, and oils & fats can be achieved by incorporating the processes that need minimum cycle & process time.

Employment of standards valid to food processing

The food industry must abide by the food & safety rules that monitor & regulate the quality of the food. For all food product produced, there is a quality standard set that are to be preserved during the process of manufacturing. By tradition, the industry included manual efforts during the processes of manufacturing. Nevertheless, to attain the quality standards recommended by food safety & standard authority, it is obligatory for food manufacturing firms to depend on the food processing tools.

Automated food sorting machines offer pace and enable the industry to improve the quality standards. The enhanced quality attained by employing automated machines and incorporating approaches with artificial intelligence will lead to market growth in the coming period.