In show of force against North US flies bomber over South Korea

Posted on: Sep-2016 | Others

Osan Air Base (South Korea): On Tuesday, in show of force The United States The United States, a show is meant to scare North Korea after its recent nuclear test and also to settle rattled nerves in the South.

an Associated Press photographer were seen that The B-1B bombers and South Korean jets flew over Osan Air Base, which is place at 120 kilometers from the border with North Korea the world's most heavily armed, these are lead by US and South Korea respectively. The bombers were likely to return to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, without landing in South Korea.

Technically such flyovers are common in the Korean Peninsula that  is in the state of war and there has never been a peace pact to end the 1950-53 Korean War.

South Korea does not have their own nuclear weapons and depends on US "nuclear umbrella" as a limit to North Korea. Washington also has stations more than 28,000 troops in the South.

North Korea is aware about the presence of US on the peninsula and considerable the US nuclear threat. It does such flyovers and American military in the South gets influence as proof of US opposition that it claims as the reason it needs a nuclear bomb program.
General Vincent Brooks, commander of US Forces Korea, said in a statement that “The United States and (South Korea) are increasing its power everyday to strengthen union and respond to continued violent behavior of North Korea,”

North Korea did its fifth nuclear test last week which was most powerful test to date. Pyongyang state that it has used "standardized" warheads in the detonation, it makes other worry and they starts to making headway in its push to develop small, sophisticated warheads that can be mounted on missiles that can reach the US mainland.

Nuclear weapons institute of the North said after test it will take indefinite measures to boost nuclear ability, analysts suggest at a possible sixth nuclear test.

On Monday, Moon Sang Gyun, defense ministry spokesman of North Korea said, US intelligence authorities and South Korea believe that North Korea is able to explode another atomic device at any time one of its tunnels at its main Punggye-ri nuclear test site, where the five previous atomic explosions took place.

Moon rejected any possibility of another nuclear test, but Yonhap news agency of the South yesterday reported and refers to unidentified Seoul government sources there are signs North had finished test preparations at one tunnel that has never been used.