Latest Technologies Are Transforming the Global Healthcare Market

Posted on: Sep-2017 | Medical & Health

Maintaining the global healthcare market in the developing world is a big task. Hence, the researchers, professional, and various medical-based industries are always digging in to find out various improvised medical tests or screening procedures so as to unearth a solution for the illnesses affecting the people.

The researchers are basically trying to revolutionize the Global healthcare market in the coming years. Looking at a number of people suffer, the development of new technologies is a must to stop the sufferings of the people across the globe. In some regions like Africa, there are thousands of people being affected by the deadly infectious diseases or cancer and the doctors there are helpless due to the lack of technology. Thus, only bringing out the best of the doctors from the society is not enough and latest technology adoption or development is vital.

The inclusion of the artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical equipment can help detect and find a treatable method for the specific disease. Thus, the benefits that the global market can gain from the latest technologies, including AI, phones, drones, and so on, are mind blowing. The rate of poverty in the various countries has urged scientists such as Pratik Shah from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop a system that uses cell phones to click pictures instead of the costly CT or MRI scans for identifying the biomarkers important for identifying the illness.

The phone requires only 50 images to train the algorithm to identify a disease instead of the thousands of images required by the AI systems. The use of AI algorithms increases data consumption, expenditure whereas the current method will help diagnose the disease in an affordable price. In addition to this, the global market has a number of products including the surgical mask to help the deaf read the lips, eye-phone that helps take pictures of the back of the eye, drones to save lives of people, and so on, which are not only affordable but also accurate when it comes to giving out disease-based information.

The drones are currently being used to supply blood and other medical products to the people in need. Thus, all the technological advancements in the medical field are an honor for the global healthcare market.