Mounting Growth Figure of Automotive Industry Is Driving the Growth of Tannin Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | Automobile

Automotive industry is presently is on full trust to reach at the utmost peak profit figures. In the recent days there have been huge ups and downs in the automotive sector. With the flourishing growth of the global automotive, the subordinate sector that are associated with the industry also faces the consequence, no matter it is in positive or negative state.

One of the important raw materials used in the development of an automobile is the tannin. Its utilization of tannin is equally proportional to the use of leather. The superior quality of leather material that is used for vehicle upholstery is produced with the help of tannin. Thus, the spurring demand for the leather in automotive sector drives the growth of the tannin market.

The big manufacturers are constantly making investment in research and development of the product. The team of researchers are focusing more of the developing an eco-friendly leather material. This development of these processes is expected to grow the global tanning market flourishingly.

Coming on to the other side of the application, tannin is also used as a wood adhesive. The rise in the construction activities and consumers heavily spending on renovation and refurbishment is expected to drive the adhesive market for wood. Consumer majorly purchasing wooden based furniture as part of renovation also creates a huge demand for the tannin. Products such as musical instruments, wooden furniture, doors, and flooring are daily selling products and are heavily demanded by the consumers, which is driving the growth of tannin market.

Food industry is one of the driving industries of the tanning, which is performing up to mark. Food sector is driven constantly all around the world. With this, Tannins have played a decent role in the making of red wine. It makes the drink softer and adds an elegant flavor to the wine. It is also a key ingredient for anti ageing. As wine is the most served drink all over the globe, hotels and restaurants are key drivers of the wine, which ultimately impacts the growth of the global tannin market.

Its use as preservative has also motivated the demand for tannins in the global market.