Rapidly growing retail sector and changing eating habits has bolstered the growth rate of the cold chain market

Posted on: Jul-2018 | Food & Beverages

Cold chain plays a vital role to keep the growth rate of global trade on the upper level. The drastic growth of the retail sector, concerns related to food wastage, and significantly escalating international trade are some of the prominent factors responsible for the growth of the market. Majority of the food products stay fresh only if preserved in refrigerated atmosphere. But what about the food that needs to be transported from one place to other. In this incase, number of industries solely depend on the cold chain supply service.

Rising trade activities of food and sea food

Seafood is highly consumed food type around the globe and the constantly rising population in countries such as Brazil, India, and China generates a huge demand for the fish and seafood products. Thus, augmenting demand for seafood has rapidly increased the imports and exports activities among the countries. This transportation of seafood demands large number cold storage equipment that simultaneously motivates the growth of the cold chain market.

Consumer focusing on more frozen foods, which are rich source of functional benefits and help to improve the health, has spurred the demand for the cold storage system. The need of preserving frozen food in a reliable cold storage system to avoid spoilage of food has created some great opportunities for the market players in the market.

Increased capacity of containers

Increased in the production of the perishable products has forced the reefer manufacturers to enlarge the containers for creating large space. Changing lifestyle, eating habits, and consumers preferring ready-to-eat frozen meals have boosted the growth the growth of the global cold chain market. On the other hand, necessities of transporting temperature-sensitive food and beverage products such as meat, milk, and other dairy products is one of the major demand generators of the cold storages as it requires highly efficient containers for transportation. This is one of the major factors responsible for the growth of the global market.

Demand for safety of pharmaceutical supply chain

Replication of pharmaceutical drugs has turn into a major challenge for the logistics firms and pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers highly demand for installing tracking devices in the containers to secure the drugs while in transit. In addition, increased demand of such security enabled storage facility while transportation of goods has motivated the growth of the global cold chain market.