Reduce your work time to gid rid of storke

Posted on: Aug-2015 | General

Work is an important activity for the human being and it is also basic one for everybody. Although, these days some of the work creates the risk for the workers, so they need to pay attention in their daily work.  The study says, if a person work above 55 hours per week he or she will linked to stroke and also it is now increasing said Epidemiology department faculties. People who are work longer than standard hour 30 to 40 hour per work, they will get higher stroke.
The health shows, the working people of 25 to 30 hours per week, they have not much more diseases like coronary heart disease while compared with longer working people.  There are certain work gives more stress to the every type of person, so the internal parts of human body will damage the body organs step by step.  For the IT workers, they are doing over time work for their improvement, but it will not helpful to their body improvement. On the other hand, some professionals are finishing their job in the month end or deadlines, they may cause for the stroke.  Similarly, there is some health professionals should help to advice about your work, so you can also just change your work schedule as your wish. 
Although, the study says, people who are working more than 49 to 54 hours in a week they have increased percent of risk of stroke.  Medical practitioners have researched completely about this project, they have said about these mechanisms of human body, is very important to do specific time of work only, it is very important for human being.  Apart from this some of the workers also involved in consuming alcohol, smoking, and other health risk behaviors.  So this physical inactivity will damage your heart and the blood vessels.  Some of the doctors and other medical researchers said reduce your risk behaviours completely and then work less hours in a week.
These are all reducing you stress, stroke, and other cardio vascular diseases.  If you are working overtime in your organization it will increase stroke risk respectively.   Recent studies also says, people are involving their work for more time in front of computer, its radiation will  create infertility  to the human being and also it will not stabilize your body organs properly, so  reduce your greater risk of stroke and split your work for your comfortable .