Rising Number of Infants in India to Spur the Baby Products Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | Consumer Goods

India is the 2nd biggest populated country in the world. It was observed that the Indian baby products market is developing with the rising population. The other major factor contributing to the market growth is the trend of e-commerce, which is stimulating the Indian users to shop online. Online shopping is preferred by a parent that the store shopping as it easy and cheap with more options for apparel, cosmetics, accessories, food, toys, and diapers.

At present, the majority of people in India have become aware of nutrition, safety, and health. The rise in the disposable income of the customers motivates the new parents to pay for the modern quality baby care products. Further, the rise in number of working women has led to less time for store shopping; however, e-commerce fulfills the requirement for physical shopping at infant stores.

The factors influencing the growth of the baby products market are an increase in disposable income and urbanization. These factors assist in making India one of the appealing retail targets worldwide. The country has the largest children population in the 0-3 age group globally.

Customers are looking forward to convenience baby products rather than spending time on making traditional home-made herbal, Ayurvedic, and natural solutions. However, some of the Indian population still relies on the long-established home-made baby products. The accessibility of low-cost products in infant toiletries such as home-made oil that dejects the usage of chemical-based products for children may result in a slight drop in the growth of the Market for baby products.

India is anticipating a high birth rate in the upcoming years and is supporting the enduring growth of the market. The introduction of imported brands and good-quality products by Indian brands has led to enormous growth in child-specific and baby products. Organic and Herbal products in baby care took hold of the child-specific and baby products resulting in an increase in the cost of the products. Even the market for baby wipes segment has elevated owing to the alertness and importance of hygiene among the urban mothers. On the whole, the baby products market is anticipated to grow at a massive rate in the near future in India.