Role Of Chemicals In The Field Of Agriculture

Posted on: Aug-2015 | Chemicals & Materials

The chemicals are highly used in pharmaceutical and agricultural areas.  The chemical 1 4 Dibromobutane is highly used in pharmaceutical industries whereas more used in agriculture. The chemicals are used largely in the form of fertilizer, pesticides and insecticides to protect the crops. 
Uses of chemicals in agriculture:
Crop protection: In agriculture crops is important the farmers, but due to environmental changes the crops are affected by several diseases which result in less production. Chemicals are used to protect the crops from insects and bugs. By using some of the worst chemicals will make the crops to deadly diseases and reduce the economy of the country. So it is better to use the best chemicals by finding the best one using the internet.
Chemicals used to get more yields: The chemicals which are specially made are used as fertilizer for the crops which is used to increase the productivity. This is more welcomed by the farmers in different countries. Especially it is used more in developing countries. Using the fertilizer to the crops the country increased the productivity and become the largest food grain production country.
Using more chemicals in agriculture will lead to bad effects: Even though the chemical is used for the protection of crops, if it is used in excess it will affect the crops and reduce the productivity level and also cause some health issues in the human body. The chemicals must be used in the correct amount, which is specified on the bottle.  Punjab is the state which suffers from more diseases because of using more chemicals
The use of chemicals in the agricultural field is boon so that to increase the production. 
People who are using chemicals in the agriculture should remember that usage of chemicals is danger so the chemicals should be purchased in certified company. The bottle should contain all the necessary information about the methods of using. 
Farmers can avoid the use of more chemicals because some of the vegetables and fruits are eaten with raw by the children so spraying of chemicals should be avoided. People should wash the fruits and vegetables before taking it so that the chemicals in their outer skin get washed away.