Serious Job Cuts in Telecom Sector to Hamper the Indian Employment Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | Others

Amid the fear of retrenchment in the telecom sector, placement firms say that the situation may worsen in a year. With renowned companies such as Reliance Communications (RCOM) and Tata Group either closing or selling off their large part of a wireless business. Due to drastic changes and consolidation in the telecom sector, about 30,000 jobs may fall in the next one year.

Experts say that the bubble boom of telecom was started in 2008-09 when a large number of telecom licenses were given in the country. There is confusion between cost-cutting and consolidation in this sector. There is more risk for managers associated with a technical part from mid to senior level.

It is projected in some months that there will be huge cuts in telecom infrastructure sector and network services owing to the consideration and inclination of the telecom operators towards the automated mechanism.

A large number of jobs in diverse segments such as telecalling, data entry, and ground sales are projected to become outdated. The segments related to technical jobs and telecom engineering would also be significantly reduced, owing to the salary slab that usually has the initial monthly salary starting from Rs 40,000 and on the basis of seniority, it goes up to a few lakh rupees. Cost cutting is one of the major restraining factors responsible for the declining graph of the employment market.

Functions such as HR, accounting, and finance would also be sorted out as many of these tasks would be useless due to automation. Experts, however, say that in the next one year there are employment opportunities in other sectors for the employees coming out of the telecom industry. But for this, they will have to enhance their skills and learn new technologies such as Internet Of Things, artificial intelligence, and user experience. Network and Infrastructure and managers can get jobs in fintec and e-commerce companies, where they can use their skills in analytics and data.

Recruitment experts say that infrastructure and network engineering, sales and distribution, telecom engineering, human resources, finance, and call centers related profiles will be majorly impacted and will have to accompany some advanced skills to keep their employment status stable.