Smart watch and its impact

Posted on: Jul-2016 | ICT and Media

Smart watch is a computerized wristwatch that goes beyond the task of timekeeping. Now it has all the basic features of mobile and computers like keeping the data, phonebook, Wi-Fi, message, audio player, GPs and many more. It has in short become a wristwatch computer.

These watches keep the track of users fitness data, track pulses, heart beats etc. A mobile giant like Apple is also in this market. But the question is though it is attracting few people, will to stay on the pitch for a longer inning?

Smart watches are generally dogged with poor battery life, be it Apple or Android wear. Plus the system of such watches is complex as so many things and applications are stuffed in one tiny model. On the other hand a dedicated fitness device would work better and would be easier to understand.

The advantage of the watch it that user get to see the notifications directly from the watch and hence do not even have to reach for the phone. Apart from this, the ability to set alarms, reminders, or even make a call using voice commands brings this gadget in ‘must have ‘list. It is helping users to get rid of their dependency on the smart phone.