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29-Aug-2016 | Others

Wooden buildings are the new branch of infrastructure advancement

Wood is being billed as the answer to creating greener cities -- lightweight and sustainable, it is even said to be more fire resistant than steel.

The newest addition to the timber trend is a proposed 19-storey structure that will be built in the Swedish city of Skelleftea. It is designed by architecture firm White Arkitekter and was the winning submission in a competition ...

26-Aug-2016 | Medical & Health

India unveils plans to ban surrogacy

The Indian government has unveiled a draft law which would ban commercial surrogacy. If approved by parliament, the law will also ban people who do not hold an Indian passport, as well as Indian single parents and gay people, from having children through surrogacy. Infertile couples would be able to seek a surrogate, which must be a relative.

Infertility groups have criticiz ...

26-Aug-2016 | Others

North Korea: Kim Jong-Un utter missile test is a 'greatest success'

Seoul: Kim Jong-Un, a North Korean leader assert a submarine-launched missile test the "greatest success", state media reported on Thursday, as the UN weighed a strong disapproval for a launch which appears to advance Pyongyang's nuclear strike capability.
The official KCNA news agency reported Kim was saying after Wednesday’s  launch, The US mainland and the ...

26-Aug-2016 | Others

New set of leaked Scorpene documents have released

New Delhi: The Australian newspaper release portion of leaked documents includes information related to instructions of underwater warfare system of six Scorpene submarines, which are being built in India by French firm DCNS.

26-Aug-2016 | Others

Miners has killed Bolivian deputy interior minister

LA PAZ: Officers said late on Tuesday, conspicuous informal miners in Bolivia kidnapped and beat to death, the country's deputy government minister after incidence traveled to the area to intercede in the bitter conflict over mining laws.

26-Aug-2016 | Others

Beach restaurant in Somalia's Mogadishu has been attacked by gunmen

MOGADISHU: On Friday, at least 7 people killed in a bombing and gun attack on a beach restaurant in the Somalian capital of Mogadishu.

25-Aug-2016 | Others

North Korea fires ballistic missile towards Japan

SEOUL: On Wednesday North Korea fired a submarine-launched missile towards Japan, which flew about 500 km. That shows improved technological capability of the isolated country, which had conducted a series of launches in confrontation of UN sanctions.

25-Aug-2016 | Others

Thailand: one killed and 30 wounded in southern Thailand bombing

Late Tuesday, One Thai person was killed and 30 wounded in bomb attack near hotel in the southern Thai coastal town of Pattani, police said, less than two weeks series of blasts hit the south. The first blast in a parking lot behind the Southern Hotel caused no losses, Police Lieutenant Colonel Winyu Tiamraj told Reuters on Wednesday. All dead were Thais.

24-Aug-2016 | ICT and Media

Android 7.0 Nougat released by Google

Google has released Android 7.0, codenamed Nougat.

The new version of its mobile operating system allows two apps to be run on the same screen at once, and makes it possible for devices to handle more complex 3D graphics.
For now, only Nexus-branded handsets and tablets can get the update.

24-Aug-2016 | Others

Coffee is no more just to drink! You can now wear it on your body!

We all love coffee, not just for its strong, refreshing enticing taste but for the aroma and it’s after effect too! But some people around us are looking at coffee in a totally different, creative way!