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01-Aug-2016 | Others

Three Taliban fighters killed in Kabul hotel attack

More than 100 people were killed and wounded in Kabul attack; three Taliban attackers are regularly known to overstress battlefield claims.

An Afghan police official said, strong explosion took place early Monday 1st Aug 2016 near a guesthouse for foreigners in Kabul. Police said, all three Taliban fighters were killed in attack about after seven hours assault begin, they at ...

01-Aug-2016 | Others

Turkey has to move away from agreement if no visa-free travel

Visa-free access to the EU has been subject to delays due to a dispute over Turkish anti-terrorism legislation and Ankara's clearout after a failed coup.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said, Turkey has to back out form its agreement with European Union to stop the flow of migrants into the union if the EU does not deliver visa-free travel for Turks.


28-Jul-2016 | General

Reefing the least known global business

Reefing has only been possible within the last few decades with improved knowledge of how to care for captive corals and fish. An increasing amount of coral is being grown for reefers. Australia has a special position in this market.

28-Jul-2016 | Medical & Health

A drug on Alzheimer’s witnessed failure but with little hope

The latest round of testing for a new Alzheimer's drug didn't produce the expected results, but a small number of patients did see some benefit from the medication.

27-Jul-2016 | General

Kangana Ranaut apparel in Mughal empress for Manav Gangwani at ICW 2016

Well known actress famous from Queen Kangana Ranaut, was looked stunning in celeb designer Manav Gangwanis designer mirror work Mughal empress. She was walked on on Day 5 of the India Couture Week 2016.

27-Jul-2016 | Others

Flipkart and Jabong will move to fashion site for profitability

Giant flipkart in E-commerce is facing some challenges from Amazon in the middle of market from last 6-12 months. The company is moving fast to long term profitability after; its online fashion brand Myntra announced its takeover with its competitor Jonong in $70 million deal on Tuesday.

With this takeover Myntra will be earn giant profit at the end of year. Joint fashion po ...

27-Jul-2016 | Others

Israeli scientists find out new method to harvest

Bengaluru: Scientists from Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa anticipated a method to harvesting safe drinking water from air.

26-Jul-2016 | Others

John Kerry says US neutral on South China Sea disputes

VIENTIANE: John Kerry, US secretary of state said, United States is taking no any other stand for South China Sea disputes but, it want all parties to follows rule in order to settle matter peacefully.

25-Jul-2016 | ICT and Media

Smart watch and its impact

Smart watch is a computerized wristwatch that goes beyond the task of timekeeping. Now it has all the basic features of mobile and computers like keeping the data, phonebook, Wi-Fi, message, audio player, GPs and many more. It has in short become a wristwatch computer.

25-Jul-2016 | Others

Finland is the most progressive country in the world and its official now

It’s often said that the Finnish economy is stagnant and has a low competitiveness. Finland has even been called the new 'sick man of Europe'. But keeping economy apart, Finland seems to be doing a lot of other things right on social front.