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16-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Flash Sale On Lenova Z50 15 Inch 1080p Laptop

If you are searching for the affordable laptop which is built for at both work and play, then you just check out a Z50 from the Lenova. With the complete HD display, the nice large hard drive and also random access memory to spare. 

16-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Enjoy using of new version of Asus tablet

The Asus Tablet is one of the most popular inventions that have set with awesome features. Therefore, you should get it from Amazon to buy at cheap rates.

14-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

China-Linked Hackers Has The U.S. Intelligence And Defense Data

China-linked hackers might get the sensitive U.S. intelligence and defense data confirms the White House. 

14-Jul-2015 | Machinery & Equipments

Control Products Inc Arrives With Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensing Resolution

Control products Inc. is situated at East hanover in the new jersey has displayed its SL series linear position sensor for the hydraulic cylinders, accumulators. 

13-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Bring The Sidebar Extensions For Windows Phone By Downloading The Opera 30 App

On Tuesday, the opera announced the latest version of a browser called Opera 30 this provide the sidebar extensions to Linux, Windows as well as Mac. Moreover also the firm launches that the Opera TV browser used for the Android TV, this said on Wednesday whereas Opera also unveil the Opera Mini for only Windows Phone. The people who are unaware of the sidebar extensions, then first knowing ...

13-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Buy The Selfie-Focussed Smartphone In Online At Retail Price

The Xperia C4 is available with dual or a Single SIM card and the Android handset have acted-core processor of 64 bits and the 5.5 display so the imaging capabilities is well good, even the company hopes to sell the Smartphone to most of the people, whereas the price of Smartphone is Rs 29,490 and it comes along with the rear camera of 13 MP and front camera 5 MP. The Xperia C4 will boost th ...

07-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Apple Introduced Solar Panel Incorporated Into Touch Screen

It is being mentioned that klyocera may be the primary firm to verify touch screen with the sun partner technologies which includes photovoltaic charging capability for touch screen. 

07-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Apple Turns Into Initial Organization To Hit 700 Billion Dollars Mark

Information from share market denotes that the Apple, the United States technical group is the primary organization to achieve market worth of about 700 billion dollars accordingly of profits from smart phone marketplace and it is short to land smart watch.

07-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Avail the exclusive camera to have perfect click

The Nikon V3 is set to have excellent approach in the Digital camera in order to take snap shot. This camera has salient features and specification as listed below.

07-Jul-2015 | ICT and Media

Brief Details About Mobile Blood Bank Locator App

Today, the government launched the best mobile application for people for easy access to  information on regarding to the blood bank which is available near to the city.