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09-Oct-2017 | Medical & Health

Improved Products to Spur the Growth of The Fragrances Market

Perfumes or fragrances are a blend of aroma compounds, essential oils, alcohol and/or water that are utilized to improve the odor of human body. A noteworthy advancement has been witnessed in the perfumes market over the last few years. The perfumes with renewable and natural constituents are  hugely demanded and are receiving a good traction with conventional methods of perfume packagi ...

03-Oct-2017 | Automobile

Record Breaking Sale of Bikes and Cars in India Is Upholding the Growth of Indian Automobile Market

In the first five months of this financial year, more than 10 Million vehicles were sold in the domestic market, with a large share of two-wheelers and cars. With the festive season, good monsoon, and improved rural demand, there is hope for more sales of vehicles in the coming months.

03-Oct-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Lg K7i with Mosquito Repellent Technology to Power the Global Smartphone Market

At the Indian Mobile Congress conducted in Delhi, LG has rolled out the K7i, a mosquito repellent handset, with a price tag of Rs 7,990. The handset utilizes technology of sound wave and is integrated with “Mosquito Away Technology” that once triggered makes certain that the mosquitoes are vanished. This launch of K7i by LG is one more addition to the factors driving the global s ...

25-Sep-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Worldwide Investment On Virtual And Augmented Reality To Double

Worldwide income for the virtual reality and augmented reality (AR/VR) market will elevate by 100% or more over each of the coming 4 Years.

This estimation is as per the latest update from the International Data Corporation (IDC) to the Worldwide semiannual augmented and virtual reality spending guide. Total investment on AR/VR goods and services is anticipated to rise to nearly $ ...

25-Sep-2017 | Others

Wristband: An Alternative For The Global Substance Abuse Treatment Market

Human brain is very complex and an object that has so many studies going on in order to discover its finest of the details. The brain can be trained to perform a certain action on a daily basis. The human brain just requires a stimulus so as to promote the performance of a certain behavior or emotion. This instinct can help dissuade a bad habit that an individual has acquired over the years. ...

21-Sep-2017 | Consumer Goods

Indian Consumer Market to Be Driven By Digital Brands In Future

India is presently into a motivating phase and going through it. The GDP is anticipated to spur by 7.5% in 2017–2018 fiscal years. And if compared to the GDP growth around the globe, which is stable at 3.5%, India is in a remarkable period and is projected to maintain its performance.

21-Sep-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

IT Ministry Makes Cyber Coordination Centre Operational Boosting The Global Cyber Security Market

The first stage of NCCC (National Cyber Coordination Centre) has been made operational now, Parliament was informed today. NCCC has been set up to examine the web traffic of the country to identify cyber security terrorization.

NCCC inspects internet traffic arriving into the nation to sense real-time cyber danger and alert several internet service providers as well as organizatio ...

12-Sep-2017 | Medical & Health

Latest Technologies Are Transforming the Global Healthcare Market

Maintaining the global healthcare market in the developing world is a big task. Hence, the researchers, professional, and various medical-based industries are always digging in to find out various improvised medical tests or screening procedures so as to unearth a solution for the illnesses affecting the people.

The researchers are basically trying to revolutionize the global heal ...

12-Sep-2017 | Others

“Make In India” And “Skill in India” Driving the Rubber Market in India

Rubber industry is considered as a sunrise sector of India and with the support of various government-led initiatives the industry is heading towards the peak of advancement in terms of growth rate.

As per the recent data presented by CAPEXIL, the rubber product exports augmented by 5%, this excludes the non-tire products. This is notable that the Indian domestic sector has so far ...

04-Sep-2017 | Others

Indian Liquor Market Senses the Pinch Owing to Highway Liquor Ban

After announcement of ban on liquor sale and serving within 500 Meters of national and state highways, around 30,000 vendors had to face the consequences of shutter down. The shutting of liquor selling shops on highways has brought the industry under the huge pressure.