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18-Jul-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Is Reliance Jio Behind the 4G Growth In India?

Reliance Jio is currently on the top when it comes to the best service providers. Mukesh Ambani is currently topping the Indian wireless telecommunication market. Reliance Jio has got a number of customers glued to it owing to its affordable data plans that with a higher validity and more of gigabytes.

18-Jul-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Indian Railway Freight Transportation Market to Benefit From the New Mvisa Payment Method

Indian railways are the mode of transportation that can never shut down as it is one of the most commonly used ways of haulage. Currently, the Indian railway is undergoing a number of developments at the demand of the public and the government. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has now adopted a new payment method called the “mVisa Payment.” This new pay ...

13-Jul-2017 | Automobile

Indian Automobile Industry Witnessed 10% Growth in May 2017

Automobile sector in India witnessed a flourishing growth right from the start of the year. The launch of numerous new variants and new players trying to make their place in the lucrative market are the factors that have resulted in the growth of the automobile market in India.

13-Jul-2017 | Automobile

Global Automotive Tire Market to Benefit From the Inexpensive Printed Sensors

Automotive industry is currently flourishing at a very high pace owing to the increasing technological advancements being made in the vehicular mode of transportation on a daily basis. The need for automobiles among the growing population is the major factor responsible for bolstering the global automotive tire market.

23-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Need For Enhanced Operational Efficiency to Upsurge Airport Smart Lighting Market

Airport smart lighting consists of sensor-based lightings equipment installed in landside or airside space of the airports. It plays a significant part in elevating the operational effectiveness of an airport and has a considerable influence on energy savings and enhancing customer experience. There are several factors that are contributing to the growth of the market. A few of them are been ...

23-Jun-2017 | Energy and Environment

Offshore Wind Turbines at Norfolk Coast to Bolster the Global Offshore Wind Turbines Market

Do you know Norfolk coast? It is famous for its outstanding natural beauty in England. Well, the coast has come in limelight for one more reason recently. The offshore wind farms at the Norfolk coast, which are installed recently, are capable of generating enough electricity to meet the yearly power needs of almost half Million U.K. homes. This has boosted the global offshore wind turbines m ...

16-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

What Can beat The Global Soundtrack Systems Market This Summer?

What are you planning this summer? Is it a trek in the rain forest or swim in the oceans? No matter where ever you go you want to dance and relax to the tune of music. Hence, the need for a speaker is a must. But the first question that comes to your mind is can the speaker withstand water spills? No worry as there is a new speaker that has hit the market.

16-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Telecom Market In India to Witness 40,000 Job Cuts In 2017

With a majority of firm cutting of the jobs, the India population has come to worry. And to add more to this worry, here is one more sad news for the citizen. Chairman of Reliance Communications, Anil Ambani, claimed that India’s telecom market had cut 10,000 jobs in 2016 and the current stress will additionally lead to cutting of 30,000–40,000 jobs more in 2017.

06-Jun-2017 | Medical & Health

Demand for Self-Administration of Drugs to Burgeon Needle-Free Drug Delivery Device Market

Needle-free injection technology is an enormously extensive concept that involves a broad array of drug delivery systems, which propel drugs via the skin utilizing any of the forces such as shock waves, Lorentz, electrophoresis, or pressure by gas. This technology basically abolishes the need of hypodermic needle.

06-Jun-2017 | Others

Facebook Messenger’s “Live Location Sharing” Feature to Surge the Social Media Market Upwards

Don’t you chat online? Sorry, wrong question. Who doesn’t right? Hence, the socializing concept using social media is the new trend among the people all around the globe. Speaking of social media and its new features, it ought to lead a tough competition among the various top companies including Facebook, Google, and Apple. The release of the new Live Location Sharing feature to ...