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06-Jun-2017 | Medical & Health

Demand for Self-Administration of Drugs to Burgeon Needle-Free Drug Delivery Device Market

Needle-free injection technology is an enormously extensive concept that involves a broad array of drug delivery systems, which propel drugs via the skin utilizing any of the forces such as shock waves, Lorentz, electrophoresis, or pressure by gas. This technology basically abolishes the need of hypodermic needle.

06-Jun-2017 | Others

Facebook Messenger’s “Live Location Sharing” Feature to Surge the Social Media Market Upwards

Don’t you chat online? Sorry, wrong question. Who doesn’t right? Hence, the socializing concept using social media is the new trend among the people all around the globe. Speaking of social media and its new features, it ought to lead a tough competition among the various top companies including Facebook, Google, and Apple. The release of the new Live Location Sharing feature to ...

31-May-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Constant Technological Advancement and Availability Alternative In Wide Range Is Driving The Global Rear View Camera Market

Technological advancement plays an important role in Automobile sector around the globe. We are in the 21st century, where the period is known as digital age. The autonomous driving technology is slowly acquiring the commercial transportation system, which includes buses and trucks. But before it evolves itself, there are some other minor changes that play a crucial role in daily operation s ...

31-May-2017 | Automobile

Development of Lightweight Raw Material through Advanced Technology Is Driving he Automotive Steel Wheels Market

Automotive sector has made some drastic changes in the core processes and materials by which the end product is developed. Manufacturers and vendors are consecutively trying to come up with such material that can resist the harsh climatic and physical conditions that a vehicle bears while it is motion. Looking at the advancement in material science, the manufacturers, till some extent, have ...

19-May-2017 | Energy and Environment

Isro’s Solar Calculator Android App Helps Invigorate the Global Solar Panel Market Expansion

The race for encouraging the use of green energy between various organizations and research centers are on. Looking at the environmental concern, getting the people to use renewable energy is a must today. Recently, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has established an app called “Solar Calculator” for Androids. This Android app has been mainly developed so that the pe ...

19-May-2017 | Energy and Environment

Launch Of Benq Curved Monitor to Boost the Global Ultra High Definition Panel (4K) Market

The Taipei-based technological company BenQ recently launched curved monitor EX3200R. The main feature that the monitor consists is its 1800R curvature and ultra high definition picture quality. The television is one of the coolest device launched and has a price tag of Rs 39,500. This has surely increased the stocks of the company as well as boosted the global ultra high definition panel (4 ...

09-May-2017 | Food & Beverages

Rapid Adoption of Variable Energy Sources Uplifting Its Demand

Thermal energy storage primarily offers a relation between the secondary and primary energy sources. It is projected to play a vital part in the development of emission-free and low carbon economy. Chiefly utilized for collecting thermal energy by cooling or heating a storage instrument, thermal energy storage is utilized to offer cooling facility for commercial buildings.

The cap ...

09-May-2017 | Consumer Goods

Adidas’s new 3D-Printed Sneaker Is Set to Sweep The Footwear Industry Off Its Feet

Looking at the growing fashion craze among the public, the launch of newly designed shoes in the market doesn’t seem surprising. But, don’t you think the use of 3D printing technology in the footwear industry is astounding? Adidas, one of the German multinational firm, has launched a new sneaker designed using a 3D-printed sole. The footwear named “Futurecraft 4D” was ...

04-May-2017 | Medical & Health

Increasing Incidence of Cataract to Drive the Intraocular Lens Market

Many people around the world suffer from cataract, which is an eye disease caused mainly due to the appearance of opaqueness or cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye. This may result in diminished eyesight, and if it is not treated at the right time may lead to permanent vision loss. An intraocular lens is a kind of lens that is implanted in the eye as a treatment for cataract. Cataracts ...

04-May-2017 | Others

Vigorous Implementation of Internet of Things to Upsurge Smart Mining Market

Smart mining is widely accepted by underground as well as surface miners due to its several advantages, including improved operational safety and efficiency, and a decrease in the overall turnaround duration. Implementation of such smart technologies enables well-organized connection among miners and also permits optimal production and revival with least wastage. They are also environment-fr ...