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14-Mar-2017 | Machinery & Equipments

Can the legally blind’s eyes “Sharp Vision” fuel the global machine vision market

ESight, an eyeglass company, has come up with a new technology that is a headset which can prove to be beneficial for the legally blind. The new version “Sharp Vision” is inspired created seeing the character Geordi La Forge from “Star Trek”. The new version has a camera in the front which creates images of the surrounding and with the help of image recognition softwa ...

07-Mar-2017 | Medical & Health

Launch Of Raybaby to Boost The Global Baby Monitors Market

Well for those who are not aware of what Raybaby is, stop brain storming!!! Let us explain. Raybaby is a modern day baby monitor. It not only serves its purpose of baby monitoring but also performs some of the extra features. With the help of a radar, Raybaby can scan all the vitals of your baby. Hence, the device ends up giving you data regarding the baby’s sleep cycle, berating patte ...

07-Mar-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Micromax to Launch Power Banks Towering The Global Power Bank Market

The popular Indian smartphone manufacturing company Micromax is all set to get it hands in the development of computer and smartphone accessories. The company originally was in the development of smartphones. Over the period of time, the company took over the production of other electronics as well. Now, the company has decided to make an entry in the production of smartphone accessories, es ...

23-Feb-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

Micronor Launches Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Escalating The Global Temperature Sensor Market

The tech company Micronor, located at Camarillo CA, has launched its new temperature sensor named FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT fiber optic temperature sensor. The launch of this temperature sensor has escalated the global temperature sensor market.

23-Feb-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Monarch Color Launches New Plastisol Ink Elevating The Global Printing Inks Market

Monarch Color, the giant in the printing inks industry, is well known for its quality products. Well, this time the company has announced the launch its new Plastisol Ink. The ink will be rolled out in the 3 different variants—100% polyester low bleed, 50/50 cotton-poly blend, and 100% cotton. This has not only boosted the company’s revenue but has also elevated the global printi ...

15-Feb-2017 | Food & Beverages

Indian Online Food Delivery Industry Boosted By 150% In 2016

According to a report, the Indian online food delivery market grew by 150% with an estimated gross merchandise value of $ 300 Million. This was indeed shocking. Well, seeing the exits of bunch of startups and firms from the industry last year, the results are a bit shocking.

15-Feb-2017 | Electrical & Electronic

A New Mobile App Launched In China That Helps Recover Missing Children Can Fuel The Mobile Application Market In The Near Future

Can you imagine an app that can help parent-kind their kidnapped children? Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has brought this idea to life. As per the Ministry of Public Security, about 611 were abducted in 2016 and the Chinese authorities help recover these children. The app named “Tuanyuan” was developed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in order to help the officers at work together. The ...

15-Feb-2017 | Automobile

Volkswagen launch of electric vehicle infrastructure unit in the U.S. boost the global electric vehicle market

The Electrify America LLC, unit a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, will invest $2 Billion in zero emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and awareness programs in the coming years as a part of the court settlement on its excess diesel emissions. Volkswagen plans to build 500 charging stations worldwide and high speed cross country network. It is planning launch an initi ...

07-Feb-2017 | Automobile

Hyundai says multiple uncertainties restrain car market

The plan of buying a car totally depends on the individual budget, need analysis, various choices, and future based financial plans.

07-Feb-2017 | Energy and Environment

Demand for Affordable and Pure Energy in the U.S. Ensure Swift Uptake of the Global Wind Power Market

The U.S. has started the installation of the wind mills and wind farms to ensure that it gets more affordable and pure energy and overtake the issue of the energy crisis.