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07-Feb-2017 | Energy and Environment

Demand for lithium batteries rocket the lithium ion battery market

Battery powers the devices it is used in. It is required in most of the gadgets we use in our day to day life, especially the mobile phones.

19-Sep-2016 | Others

Global Warming and its facts

Global warming is a concept used to illustrate steady rising in average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and lastingly change in its climate, but some people never believe on it they feel it’s as a jock.

19-Sep-2016 | Others

Globalization is a mirror of tomorrow

Globalization is a concept arises from international integration due to exchange of culture, view, ideas, trade. Human societies have maintained global contacts for many centuries.

13-Sep-2016 | Others

In show of force against North US flies bomber over South Korea

Osan Air Base (South Korea): On Tuesday, in show of force The United States The United States, a show is meant to scare North Korea after its recent nuclear test and also to settle rattled nerves in the South.

13-Sep-2016 | Others

Brazilian lawmakers has decide future of accusation planner

RIO DE JANEIRO: On Monday, in debate of the Brazil's member of the lower house of Congress, that night is best friend of the President Michel Temer he should be exposed his legislative seat among charge of corruption and hindrance of justice.

08-Sep-2016 | Others

Palestine and Israel leaders ready to meet but no any date yet fixed

On Tuesday, Mahmud Abbas, Palestinian president and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister said they are planning to restart peace efforts but no such date has fixed and they blame for delayed talk.

05-Sep-2016 | Others

US announces fresh Russia sanctions over Crimea clash

Washington: On Thursday, the United States (US) announced a long list of fresh approvals which is aimed at Russia over its continuing support for Ukraine's agitator and the 2014 attack of Crimea.

05-Sep-2016 | Medical & Health

More than 2.6 billion people lives in Zika risk areas

Paris: Worlds’ third most population, at least 2.6 billion people lives in parts of Africa, Asia and Pacific, where Zika could gain new grip, researchers warned, with 1.2 billion at risk in India alone.

05-Sep-2016 | Others

New Zealand strike by powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake

Wellington, New Zealand: On Friday, evacuation was in process in New Zealand after tsunami warning issued followed by strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck before sunrise the east coast of the North Island.

05-Sep-2016 | Others

Anti-China activists rely on win in Hong Kong vote

HONG KONG: anti-China activists in the leading position for victory in Hong Kong’s most vital election, since 1997 it got hand over in this year.  Setting first fresh round of political clash over city controlled under Beijing.